How to setup Google utm tracking URL parameters

Google utm parameters help you track where a visitor originated from by using various url parameters to define a source, campaign, medium, content and term.

URL parameters are extra pieces of data that can be added to a URL. The parameters do not affect the destination of the URL but instead package some extra information to help you identify more about that particular click/visit.

There are many different types of URL parameter that you can use however one of the most common set of parameters are the Google utm tags. All of these tags are captured automatically by Google Analytics and then integrated into your Analytics reports.

The main utm parameters are below, you can use as many or as few as you need:

utm_source – This would nomally be the top level source such as Google, Facebook or Bing

utm_campaign – This would normally relate to a specific marketing campaign, for example “January Sale”

utm_medium – CPC, Email, Paid Search etc

utm_content – This parameter helps define the specific content that sent the click,. This might be a reference to an image, banner size or headline for example

utm_term – This parameter held define a specific keyword or term used to generate the click/visitor